The Nest:

Birdnest is a full service real estate firm with expertise in acquisition, development, lease and management. Birdnest has a two fold strategy consisting of real estate development and short term rental. The properties we control from these two strategies make up “The Nest”.

Birdnest Development:

Birdnest is rooted in real estate development, specializing in residential and commercial properties. Birdnest began purchasing single family townhomes in Gray’s Ferry, Philadelphia, and has since expanded to the acquisition of larger buildings with the purpose of re-positioning them as residential complexes. Our focused, committed and ambitious team handles all aspects of re-development including interior and exterior design, architectural planning, regulatory approvals and construction. 

Birdnest Short Term Rental:

Birdnest Group is the premier short-term rental company in Philadelphia. Birdnest is creating a new type of short term rental experience and brand. Our brand serves our guests in an amazing way; utilizing technology to create the most seamless travel experiences possible and crafting spaces beyond their wildest dreams.